Quick hook on game = No quick hook for CC

The rain didn't stop at Yankee Stadium, so the game didn't start. Debby Wong/USA TODAY Sports

The plug was pulled in a hurry on Sunday's Yankees-Blue Jays game, at around 12:30 p.m. with a smattering of fans in the stands and a light mist falling on the field.

If you think that's strange, consider these factors: The opponent is making another trip here in August, and both teams share an open date on Aug. 19, the day before their final series at Yankee Stadium is scheduled to begin. So it's not like having to fly a West Coast team across the country for a single game.

And after what happened in Denver on May 9, when CC Sabathia pitched just four innings against the Rockies before a two-hour rain delay ended his day, it is likely the Yankees wanted to make sure neither they nor CC -- Sunday's scheduled starter -- experienced a repeat of that debacle.

"We weren't necessarily looking for a rainout," Joe Girardi said. "We don't like doubleheaders."

But the manager said the decision was reached after a conversation involving GM Brian Cashman, owner Hal Steinbrenner, the Yankee Stadium grounds crew and umpire Joe West, the crew chief for Sunday's game.

"They told us it's probably going to rain until 9 o'clock," Girardi said. "So we decided it's just not going to be playable."

Considering their dominance over the Blue Jays this season -- they have won eight of the nine games between the two teams, and all six of the games played at Yankee Stadium so far -- it seemed as if the Yankees had lost a chance for an easy victory, even with last season's NL Cy Young Award winner, R.A. Dickey, on the mound for Toronto.

But wasting a Sabathia outing twice in a month would not have been a good thing, either, so now the Yankees get to save their ace for the series opener against the Orioles on Monday and still have four more cracks at the Blue Jays here in August.

"We ended up getting a win," Sabathia said of the rain-delayed 3-1 Yankees victory over the Rockies, "but you don't want to waste starts."

So now, he won't.