What would you do with Hughes?

I wrote a column on Saturday night in which I said that if you don't really want Phil Hughes to pitch against the Red Sox at home, you can't sign him to a big-money contract this offseason. Here is part of it"

At 26, Hughes still doesn't have enough consistent diversity to his repertoire. He had a plus-fastball on Saturday but leaned on it too much, and, ultimately, it led to his undoing against a Boston Red Sox team that has scored the third-most runs in baseball.

After being up 0-2, a telegraphed fastball resulted in Mike Napoli's third-inning grand slam that basically decided Saturday night's 11-1 Red Sox beatdown.

Too many times Hughes doesn't finish what he starts. Since the beginning of 2012, he has allowed 11 homers after being up 0-2. That is four more than any other pitcher in baseball.

With Hal Steinbrenner's $189 million mandate, the Yankees are going to have to be choosy with how they spend their money. Hughes conceivably is coming into his prime, but he is not the right fit for pinstripes.

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QUESTION: What would you do with Hughes this offseason?