A-Rod suspended? Long way to go

NEW YORK -- There is a lot still swirling around Alex Rodriguez, so let's take a look at some of the issues facing Major League Baseball, the Yankees and A-Rod.

1. Will he be suspended? There is a long way to go from where Rodriguez is now to being suspended for 100 games. Anthony Bosch is going to flip, according to "Outside The Lines", with the incentive that MLB is going to take care of Bosch.

OK, so as far as we know, MLB has no positive tests on A-Rod. MLB potentially could have pieces of paper that could imply that Rodriguez took PEDs. And they may have Bosch saying, "Yes, indeed, I injected A-Rod." Rodriguez denies everything.

Wallace Matthews talks A-Rod:

PlayIn an arbitration, that makes it basically a "he said, he said" situation. While A-Rod's credibility is not exactly high, Bosch's credentials are not stellar either.

2. Image is everything, or at least a lot: While I'm sure MLB would like to suspend A-Rod, the endgame here could be to just further tarnish A-Rod because MLB feels he's left a stain on the game with his lying and cheating through the years.

Look at the Roger Clemens situation: Regardless of whether you think Clemens actually took PEDs or not, he did everything that he could, even risking jail time, in an attempt to clear his name.

It helped Clemens a little, but even his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, is quick to admit that Clemens has not restored his name. Rodriguez's name is already sullied, while Ryan Braun has been given some benefit of the doubt. A long legal fight between Braun and MLB could result in Braun being known as the Lance Armstrong of baseball.

3. That's Cervelli: Catcher Francisco Cervelli is a very likable guy, always smiling and with an enthusiasm for the game. He admits to meeting with Bosch. But Cervelli said he never took anything from Bosch. Cervelli was having a breakout season before he broke his hand.

Cervelli, for all his positive energy, is a disposable player in the Yankees' universe. The baseball people really wanted to keep Russell Martin this offseason but weren't given the money to do it.

They turned to Cervelli and Chris Stewart to be the catchers, but they were not sold on Cervelli as the every-day guy until he clearly won the job. Now, he could be suspended for 50 games. So, if he is suspended, who knows if we'll ever see Cervelli in pinstripes again?

4. 100 games: Back to A-Rod. You might wonder why MLB thinks it might be able to hit A-Rod for 100 games since he never got a suspension. Well, they are going to try to get him for lying. When he went through this the first time, I reported this possibility existed and now it looks as if MLB is going to go for it.

Basically, the theory is he lied his way out of the first-time 50-game suspension, so now MLB will penalize him twice because it missed out the first time.