Clarkin apologizes, but will he sign?

First-round draft pick Ian Clarkin has apologized to Yankees fans for saying he "cannot stand" the Yankees. You can read the complete news story here.

But at the end of the news story is what is really important, and it is this quote about his signability:

“It will just have to come down to life-changing money,” Clarkin said. “We are going to have to talk about it over as a family, see what works best for me, see what works best for the family. Hopefully, we’ll get the scholarship in the contract also, but it is going to come down to how the money changes our family’s lives.”

Clarkin was responding to a question about whether he will go to the University of San Diego or sign with the Yankees. It doesn't sound like a slam dunk that he will be heading to Tampa soon. He might just stay in his hometown and attend college, then enter the draft again in three years.