Cano for 7 years, $175M?

In Buster Olney's feature on Brian Cashman for ESPN The Magazine's Money issue, the article ends with an interesting point and a little bit of a warning shot.

Cashman will continue to adjust as needed, and the Yankees are expected to be active before the July 31 trade deadline and beyond. Cashman has said he wants to sign Cano after the season, but because of the new frugality, he will do it only for the right price. Agents say Cano should be in line for roughly a seven-year, $175 million deal, which could fit the Yankees' budget. But if Cano's demands fall outside that, Cashman says he'll let Cano walk. "The two most important attributes," Cashman says, "are what we think of the player and how that's relative to our current financial commitments."

If Cano falls outside of those numbers, Cashman will surely recommend to let Cano go, but Hal Steinbrenner and Randy Levine might overrule him, like they did for Rafael Soriano.

As one Yankee official mentioned to me the other day, the Yankees future budget could be tied to how this season finishes. If they Yankees make the playoffs, Steinbrenner, Levine and Cashman will have greater leeway with Cano. If they fail to make the postseason, there will be a lot of pressure on Hal to spend.

That said, it all could be moot because it would surprise no one if the Yankees and Cano announced a deal in season.

If you want to read, Buster's entire story click here.

QUESTION: Would you offer Cano seven for $175M?