Prez: We're still the Yankees

NEW YORK -- Even with the goal of a $189M payroll in 2014, Yankees President Randy Levine says the Yankees can add salaries by the July 31st trade deadline if they so choose.

"We're the Yankees," Levine said. "We are always active. We are always trying to get better. I'll leave that to [Brian Cashman] to see where the team is, what's the best move, what do we really need, which players are coming back, when they are coming back. Cash, after talking to [Joe Girardi], will make that decision. Hal [Steinbrenner] has said it over and over again, he is committed to bringing a championship team to the Yankees, to the fans of New York. We have been acting the same way for decades. We have been banged up. We have had a lot of injuries, but the guys out there are fighting and scratching. It is quite amazing to me that we are one game behind in the loss column coming into [Tuesday night.]"

Levine again stated that $189M is only a goal if the Yankees can maintain a World Series-type roster.

"Hal has been incredibly clear," Levine said. "$189M is a goal. It is something we are going to look to see if we can accomplish, but the overriding goal is to constantly provide Yankee fans a championship team. I think he said it as well as it could be said."

As for Alex Rodriguez, Levine said he doesn't know when A-Rod will appear in rehab games.

"The sooner the better," Levine said.

As far as MLB's Biogenisis investigation that includes A-Rod and Francisco Cervelli, Levine said it could impact the season.

"It is a factor," Levine said. "It may have an effect on certain players and certain things. It may not. It is something that is a factor that we try and take a look at every factor. But nobody is assuming that anyone is getting suspended. Nobody is assuming that there are any findings. We are in America and, last I looked, everyone is innocent until evidence is presented against them."