First Pitch: Offensive trade market

BALTIMORE -- You don't need to be a GM to know what the Yankees need on the trade market. Still, we asked Brian Cashman anyway.

"Offense," Cashman said.

Cashman should have the money to make some moves, too. The Yankees are saving a boatload of money on Mark Teixeira's contract due to insurance. And team president Randy Levine said the other day, "We're the Yankees" -- meaning they will add payroll if they see fit.

Here is the question for you: The Yankees have so many holes in their offense, where would you start? On Friday night they had a lineup that you could argue only had two dangerous hitters (Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner), three (Zoilo Almonte) if you want to stretch your imagination.

The Yankees' biggest additions in July could just be players coming back from injury. Curtis Granderson is still trying to strengthen his hand so he can hit again. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are supposed to be back after the All-Star break, but you may have heard there is some uncertainty. Francisco Cervelli is putting the gear on and moving closer.

The problem with all of these guys is that there is no telling how good they will be when they do return. So here is the question, from catcher to first to short to third to the outfield, where do you think Cashman should start?

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Where would you start on the trade market if you were Cashman?