Mo gets a useful gift

MINNEAPOLIS -- So far on his nationwide farewell tour, Mariano Rivera has been given a surfboard and a bottle of wine in Oakland by the Athletics, a photo collage of himself along with a jar of Tiger Stadium dirt in Detroit, and a gold record of "Enter Sandman" by the Indians in Cleveland.

But, on Tuesday night, Mo finally got something he might actually be able to use. After all, as far as we know, he doesn't drink, surf or listen to heavy metal, but like many men his age, he most likely does make use of a rocking chair from time to time.

And the Twins gave him a beauty, a custom-made chair constructed of splintered bat barrels busted by Mo's cutter over the past 19 seasons, christened "The Chair of Broken Dreams." According to the Twins, the design for the chair was the brainchild of Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire, who probably hopes Mo plops down on it and doesn't get up for the next two days.