First Pitch: Cano's show

NEW YORK -- The Yankee who takes the most extra batting practice is Robinson Cano. On most days, four hours or more before first pitch, Cano is out on the field, taking pitches from hitting coach Kevin Long. They do one drill in which they place a batting screen to block half the plate to force Cano to tighten his swing.

Cano's swing is one of the sweetest ever in the Bronx, which is why today is his day.

Cano embraces the Home Run Derby. He doesn't worry about the long-term impact on his swing, but instead rejoices in his dad throwing him batting practice, like they have done so many times before.

In 2011 in Phoenix, Cano put on a spectacular show. In the final round, he beat then Red Sox Adrian Gonzalez by hitting 13 homers, including one that nearly traveled 500 feet. The joy on Cano's face personified how much he loves to hit.

In 2012, it wasn't as thrilling for Cano because the Royals fans were relentless in booing him after he declined to pick Billy Butler as a competitor. Cano wilted and put up a bagel, failing to homer even once.

On Monday night, Cano -- with his desire to have a little more spotlight and with free agency on the horizon -- has a chance to make it his show again. To be a star, you have to perform like one -- Cano relishes the chance to take BP under such a spotlight.

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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Where would you rank Cano's swing in Yankee history?