Tillman over Kuroda ... pffft!

American League manager Jim Leyland likely made Yankees fans and those who enjoy studying baseball stats chuckle when he said the reason he took Chris Tillman over Hiroki Kuroda for the All-Star team was because of Tillman's 11-3 mark.

Hiroki Kuroda vs. Chris Tillman
2013 MLB Ranks

We've put Kuroda's and Tillman's ranks side by side for you to take a look at. Tillman is closer to the bottom of most lists than the top. Kuroda has the misfortune of being a little short in the one stat that mattered most in Leyland's eye, but whose value has been on the decline among those who study the game closely.

Tillman wasn't even the best option among starting pitchers on his own team (see: Miguel Gonzalez), let alone those on the 14 other rotations not represented at this year's All-Star Game. Kuroda and others are justified, at least numerically speaking, in any disappointment they may feel.