Cash: 'Wait and see' on A-Rod, Jeter

NEW YORK -- Here are quick injury updates on Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson:

• Rodriguez (hip) is playing for Double-A Trenton on Monday night, and Yankees GM Brian Cashman reiterated that Rodriguez will not be back before July 22. His 20-day rehab window ends July 21.

Cashman didn't say whether he is worried that Rodriguez might not be ready when his rehab window expires.

"Have to wait and see," Cashman said. "Why prejudge it if we have another week to go?"

• Cashman did not have any news about Jeter, who suffered a Grade 1 quad strain Thursday.

"I left the stadium earlier, he was on the training room table getting treatment," Cashman said at Granderson's Grand Kids Foundation luncheon in Manhattan on Monday.

Jeter did not play this past weekend against Minnesota as the team is giving him time to heal rather than immediately putting him on the disabled list. Cashman couldn't say whether a DL stint is looking less or more likely.

"I'm not in a position to even really say," Cashman said. "We haven't evaluated it to predict yet."

• As you can read here, Granderson (pinkie) said it should not be that long before he returns and he's optimistic he can come back before early August.