Yankees' 2013 midseason report card

The New York Yankees have been more than the sum of their parts in 2013, because when you look at the players they have been running out there on a daily basis, it is hard to believe that this team is still remotely alive in the AL East race and in the thick of the wild card hunt as we reach the halfway point of the season.

The injuries have been devastating, and many of the spare parts brought in to replace departing players have not worked out as hoped. Still, the starting pitching has generally been good, the bullpen, especially the back end, has been outstanding, and on some nights they even score enough runs to win.

At the start of the season, I picked them to win 88 games and be in contention for a wild card. Right now, they are on pace for 87 wins and the wild card is certainly not out of the question, especially if they get some of their injured players back in the second half and add a bat or two at the trade deadline.

Here is the midseason progress report: