Game 7: Angels @ Yankees

4:25: Mo to the rescue, strikes out Hunter, gets Matsui to pop out on the first pitch, and Sinatra's singing. 7-5 Yankees.

4:21: Check that. Bobby Abreu's grand slam makes this a work day for Mariano after all. 7-5 Yankees, Mo coming in, Hunter coming up and guess who's on deck? Oh, no, there goes Tokyo G-G-G-Godzilla!

4:12: Posada's hustle into second seems to have convinced him he's actually fast. Getting nailed at the plate on Granderson's RBI single reminds him that,um, not really. Yankees up 7-1 going into the ninth. No need for Mariano, Robertson coming in to finish up.

3:46: Jeters hits into DP to end the threat

3:45: Stokes loads the bases for Jeter by walking Swisher and Gardner behind Posada's leadoff double. How did the Mets ever let a guy like this get away?

3:42: Hunter gets burned for the second time today, this time by Posada leading off the seventh against ex-Met Brian Stokes. And he barely recovers to make a running over the shoulder catch on Granderson's long drive to center.

3:35: Like Matsui, Bobby Abreu has been a perfectly cooperative guest returning to his old home -- 0-for-4 with two Ks, no factor whatsoever.

3:30: Tumbling catch in right by Swisher on Wood's sinking liner. Not graceful but a crowd-pleaser

3:27: Pettitte's day is over after 6 scoreless innings, five hits, 6Ks, 2 walks. Chan Ho Park in to pitch the seventh

3:25: And now it's time for the first performance of "YMCA'' for 2010. "Cotton Eye Joe'' coming up later.

3:23: A-Rod's two-run single off Wood's glove extends the lead to 5-0 in the sixth

3:08: Yankees just announced that today's attendance -- 49,293 -- is the largest regular-season attendance in the brief history of Yankee Stadium 3.0. Funny, but in decrepit old Yankee Stadium 2.0 they routinely did 52,000-plus per night.

3:05: Pettitte escapes another jam by feeding Kendrick a sinker for an inning-ending DP. Pettitte's at 100 pitches; that could be it for him.

2:55: So far, a perfect homecoming for Matsui. He got a ring and so far, hasn't gotten a hit. Godziila has been as harmless as a pet iguana. Most considerate towards his hosts.

2:40: Abreu pops out to the infield and Pettite gets Hunter to ground out to short to end the inning without damage

2:38: The runners advance on Aybar's bouncer to third. Abreu coming up with a chance to make this a one-run game

2:35: Pettitte getting into some trouble here allowing a leadoff single to Jeff Mathis and walking Brandon Wood, giving angels first and second, none out as the lineup turns over in the fifth

2:29: Another hot smash, this one by Jeter, hits Santana in the leg, caroms away for infield single, RBI, 3-0 Yankees in the fourth

2:27: Super play by Aybar to stop Gardner's hot smash, robbing him of a base hit and the Yankees of two runs.

2:25: Santana in big trouble again after walking Swisher to load the bases with one out, Gardner up

2:14: Make that 6 Ks in four innings. Just got around to noticing pockets of empty seats in both upper corners, as well as the obligatory empties behind home plate. Also, Mayor Rudy's four next to the dugout are unoccupied so far. Not like him to miss out on picking up his World Series ring

2:12: Even with Matsui, this does not look like the same Angels lineup minus Chone Figgins leading off and Vlad Guerrero at cleanup. Of course, Pettitte may have something to do with that. Five Ks in 3-2/3 innings so far

2:10: Godzilla Day continues in the Bronx: Matsui was the answer to today's trivia question. Something about highest Yankee World Series batting average, or something. (.650 in case you've forgotten)

2:08: Incidentally, Gardner's K in the second inning was the first time he has swung and missed at a pitch all season. The streak lasted 21 swings.

2:05: Image of The Boss had barely faded from the screen when Derek Jeter clubbed a 2-0 pitch to the back wall of the Yankees bullpen to give them a 2-0 lead

2:02: Standing ovation for image of Mr. and Mrs. George Steinbrenner sitting in their private box beamed onto the video screen in centerfield as Sinatra sings "My Way'' in the background.

2:01: Tidy third inning for Pettitte, who has four Ks so far

1:52: Spectacular comeback by Ervin Santana -- or epic fail by the Yankees, depending on your point of view -- striking out Granderson, Swisher and Gardner to wiggle out of jam

1:50: Bad first Yankee Stadium at-bat for Granderson, unable to get the ball in play with first and third and none out. Tough call by 3B ump Mike Winters to punch him out on check swing 3-2 pitch

1:49: Bottom half of the Yankee lineup creating havoc again -- Cano to third on a wild pitch, Posada walk, first and third, none out, Granderson up. Now if only they could do something about the dead wood in the 1-4 spots theyd be in business

1:42: Cano burns Torii Hunter with a laser over his head in center for a leadoff double

1:37: Yanks miss easy double play when Morales strayed far off second on Mathis fly out to right, but Swisher's throw was off-line and got past Jeter, allowing Morales to get back in time

1:28: Once again, Teixeira spends too much time looking at the merchandise, not enough time buying. Strikes out looking for the third time in last two games, fourth time in last five ABs

1:25: Here we go again. Nick Johnson crushes a 1-1 fastball into the right-field seats. Better get those engineers back in here.

1:20: Matsui continues his journey as the most popular visiting player in the history of Yankee Stadium III, having to step out of the box and tip his cap to acknowledge his third standing ovation of the day before Pettitte could throw him a pitch. When he struck out on a cutter to end the first, the reaction was happy but decidedly more subdued.

1:12: Aybar dumps Pettitte's fourth pitch of the game in front of Swisher in right for a leadoff single

1:08: As Erick Aybar steps in to leadoff, the first roll call of the new season begins

1:07: The pre-game festivities are finally over and the Yankees are about to take the field for their home opener under overcast skies and cool 55 degree weather. The lights are on at the Stadium but the forecast says only a 10 percent chance of rain. The Yankees have taken the field. we'll be underway shortly.