First Pitch: No. 2 brings star power

Whenever Derek Jeter does return, he will bring star power back to the pinstripes. AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek

NEW YORK -- In a lot of ways, this Yankees team has been an incredible story. They have had nearly an entire roster full of players end up on the disabled list. In all, 17, including most of their top hitters, have gone on the DL. But they still are contending for the wild card.

All the injuries hurt, not only diminishing the quality of the Yankees, but also tarnishing the star system the franchise is built on. Over the weekend, their biggest star, Derek Jeter, might return.

The Yankees need Jeter's bat, especially against left-handed pitching. He has always eaten up lefties, including last year, when he bashed them at a .364 clip.

But Jeter, now 39, brings back something else to the Bronx -- star power. Yes, the Yankees have had Mariano Rivera's majestic goodbye as he leaves like a king, but Rivera only pitches one inning, if he even appears.

Jeter might start out as the team's DH a good amount, but he can impact the entire game once he's back playing in the field. He also has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

Besides the off-field chaos, the Yankees have had a sort of a sleepy season on the field. Their ratings and attendance have fallen with their stars. Soon, the biggest star of them all, The Captain, will bring some excitement back to the park.

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