Yankees manager gives Cowboys a pep talk

OXNARD, Calif. -- This edition of the Dallas Cowboys' training camp had its first real celebrity sighting when New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi visited Monday.

Girardi, who was a three-time World Series champion as a player and won another as a manager, delivered a Jason Garrett-esque speech to the team after practice.

“Just be the best you can every day,” Girardi said, recalling the gist of his message on a Yankees off day before they begin a series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. “That’s what you prepare for. We obviously all strive to win championships, but to me, it’s a day-to-day thing that you have to go through.”

At least one prominent Cowboy hung on every word the Yankees skipper said and made sure to shake Girardi’s hand afterward.

“That was a great deal, man,” New Jersey native Miles Austin said. “I was just glad to meet him. He said some great things to us. I’ve been a Yankee fan since he was there [as a player] and since I was born.”

Girardi, who was joined by his son Dante, described his family as football fans who root for the Chicago Bears. He was a high school quarterback in Illinois but wisely figured his lack of size and speed made him a much better prospect as a catcher.