One Mo Time: Rivera vs. Padres

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Mariano Rivera and Joe Girardi celebrate following the final out of the 1998 World Series.For the remainder of the 2013 season, we will look ahead to Mariano Rivera's matchups against teams he will be facing for the final time in the regular season.

In this case, we'll look not only at Rivera's career against the San Diego Padres, but also the teams from the NL Central he won't see this season (barring a World Series appearance).

By the Numbers

Rivera's career vs the Padres

Regular Season

4 appearances

4 innings

1 hit

9 strikeouts

1 walk

0.00 ERA

3 saves


3 appearances

4⅓ innings

5 hits

4 strikeouts

0 walks

0.00 ERA

3 saves

Did you know? (Padres Edition)

• Mariano has nine strikeouts in four regular-season innings vs. the Padres. His strikeout rate of 20.3 K per nine innings is his highest vs any team.

• Rivera has nine career World Series saves of at least four outs -- more than twice as many as any other pitcher -- and three of them came in the 1998 World Series vs. the Padres. Those were his only three saves in that series.

Did you know? (NL Central Edition)

• Rivera has faced each of the 29 other teams besides the Yankees, but the only team he does not have a save against is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

• Rivera does have two wins against the Pirates (and no losses) and is also 2-0 vs the Milwaukee Brewers. Those 2-0 records vs the Brewers and Pirates are his most wins without a loss vs any team in his career.

• Mariano has thrown only 3⅓ innings vs the St. Louis Cardinals, his fewest vs. any team.

• Rivera has given up zero hits in three games vs the Cardinals, the only team he hasn't allowed a hit against.

• Mariano has allowed a .313 batting average in four games vs the Chicago Cubs, his highest vs. any team.

• Rivera threw 30 pitches in a four-out save against the Cincinnati Reds on June 22, 2008. That's his most pitches in a save against an NL team and also the last time he threw at least 30 pitches in a save vs. any team.

They Said It

"There are many things to admire about Mariano, but the thing that stands out is how he has handled all of his success with class. The game is lucky to have such an ambassador."

--former relief pitcher Trevor Hoffman

Magic 'Mo'ments

October 21, 1998 -- Mariano got the final four outs of Game 4 in the 1998 World Series vs. the Padres, clinching the Yankees' third straight championship. It was the first time in his career Mariano recorded the final out of the World Series.

Rivera has recorded the final out of the World Series four different times. No other pitcher in baseball history has done it more than twice.