A-Rod plays in sim game, no one sees

TAMPA, Fla. -- If you play in a simulated game and no one sees it, did it really happen?

The intrigue of Alex Rodriguez's rehab and the New York Yankees deepened on Thursday. Rodriguez, according to the team, was supposed to have his simulated game at the Yankees' minor league facility, which is known as Himes for the road it resides on. There is limited media access, but the field can be viewed from beyond the outfield wall.

Instead, Rodriguez's simulated game took place at Steinbrenner Field and the Yankees denied any media access. Since views of that field are inaccessible from outside the stadium, there is no word on what Rodriguez did or how well he did it.

Rodriguez was going to detail his day to a group of print reporters as he left the facility. He stopped his black Maybach and pointed to a reporters on the left side of a driveway that led out of the minor league facility. The reporters scurried over to talk to Rodriguez. On the other side of the driveway, several cameras were positioned.

When TV crews saw that A-Rod would talk, they left their positions and rushed over for the interview. Rodriguez said he only wanted talk without cameras. Before anyone could organize for that to be accommodated, Rodriguez drove away.

The Yankees have not said where A-Rod is headed next. It is believed that Double-A Trenton Friday night could be the location, but nothing is official.

Hanging over any future plans is when and for how long Rodriguez will be suspended by Commissioner Bud Selig.