First Pitch: Andy on Grandy

SAN DIEGO -- On Thursday, I weighed in on what I thought the return of Curtis Granderson, expected for tonight's game against the Padres, would mean for the Yankees' chances of making the playoffs. Today, it's my colleague Andrew Marchand's turn:

Now, it's your turn. How many more wins do you think having Granderson will mean for the Yankees? And more importantly, since it appears he will be their most important trade deadline addition, will it be enough to get them to the playoffs? Weigh in on this all-important question below.

UP NOW: From Tampa, Andrew tells us about the latest about Alex Rodriguez's secret simulated game, part of what looks increasingly like a simulated rehab stint. Also, I've got the inside story on why the Yankees didn't wind up with Michael Young, and aren't likely to in the future.

ON DECK: After a day off, Yankee baseball. The opener of a three-game series with the Padres is tonight at Petco, CC Sabathia (9-9, 4.65) vs. RHP Andrew Cashner (7-5, 3.88), first pitch at 10:10 p.m. Clubhouse opens at 6:40 p.m. and I'll be there with the lineups and all the pregame news, so check in around dinner time.