Media plays A-Rod peekaboo

TRENTON, N.J. -- Alex Rodriguez took his fight with the Yankees and Major League Baseball public on Friday night. But on Sunday, he kept things private.

A-Rod conducted a private workout at Arm & Hammer Stadium in Trenton for about 45 minutes late Sunday morning.

Reporters were not permitted in the stadium but confirmed that the embattled third baseman was working out by climbing the outfield fence and peeking over.

Rodriguez hit for about 20 minutes and then ran the bases. He left without speaking to reporters.

A-Rod is expected to be suspended by Major League Baseball on Monday, likely through the 2014 season, for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal.

Rodriguez said on Saturday that he expects to play for the Yankees on Monday against the Chicago White Sox. He added that he would fly to Chicago even if MLB levied a suspension on Sunday.

Rodriguez, who played two rehab games over the weekend in Trenton, hasn't played for the Yankees this season due to hip surgery and a Grade 1 hamstring strain.