Hooton Foundation dumps A-Rod

The Taylor Hooton Foundation has ended its association with Alex Rodriguez, which began at A-Rod's 2009 news conference in Tampa when he first fessed up to doing steroids and promised never to do it again.

The foundation, which advocates against the use of performance-enhancing drugs by young people, issued a statement Monday. Here is an excerpt:

"It is with sadness and disappointment that we learned today that Alex Rodriguez has once again violated the rules of Major League Baseball by using illegal substances," said Don Hooton, Taylor Hooton Foundation president.

"We have had a good relationship with Rodriguez since early 2009 when we stood with him at his press conference in Tampa. There, he issued his public mea culpa, committed that he would not be involved in the future with banned substances, and said that he wanted to help us to encourage kids to stay away from them. He offered to use his situation as an example to let them know that it is not right for them to use performance enhancing drugs. Working together, we've delivered messages to thousands of kids and have impacted their lives in a positive way. But, todays announcement leaves us no option but to discontinue our relationship with Alex Rodriguez."