A-Rod to the Hall of Fame?

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez would've been a no-doubt-about-it first-ballot Hall of Famer ... if he'd been clean throughout his career.

But now, with yet another performance-enhancing drug stain on his baseball resume, A-Rod's chances of making the Hall one day appear to be pretty remote.

Several of ESPN's Hall of Fame eligible voters were polled on whether they'd vote yes to A-Rod.

Only five of the 14 voters polled would vote yes: Jim Caple, Peter Pascarelli, Brendan Roberts, Mark Saxon and Jayson Stark.

Here's what they had to say:

Caple: Although I would want his plaque to say he took PEDs.

Roberts: I won't condemn players for alleged (or admitted) steroids use, and I feel A-Rod was clearly a HOF-caliber player with or without the PEDs.

Pascarelli: This holier-than-thou attitude from some writers who think they're keepers of the game is getting old; we'll never know for sure who took what and when or how much it helped or hurt.

Saxon: I voted for Bonds, and their cases -- clear-cut HOF trajectories before most people suspect they started using -- are essentially the same.

Stark: A very tentative "yes," but just because I think the only solution to our Hall of Fame PED dilemma is some form of honesty on the plaques, where we vote for the best players but spell out exactly what we know about what they did. But he could lose so many character-and-integrity points between now and when we vote, so please don't hold me to that.

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Statistics-wise, A-Rod easily has Hall of Fame credentials. He's a career .300 hitter with 647 home runs, 1,950 RBIs, 2,901 hits and 1,898 runs. He's a 14-time All-Star, three-time MVP, two-time Gold Glover and one-time World Series champion.

But was he clean for any of it? Does it matter given the steroid era in which he played?

These are just a couple of the many questions voters will have to ask themselves.

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