Conte: A-Rod was clean in 2012

BALCO founder Victor Conte told ESPN Radio on Monday that before supplying Alex Rodriguez with three months of “legal” supplements last year, he checked A-Rod's blood sample and found no evidence of illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

“The answer is no,” Conte said on “SVP & Russillo” Monday. “I'm not at liberty to talk in great detail about someone's blood test results, and I would never do that. But to answer your question directly, I, in general terms, just said these are some of the things that are markers that you can see if it looks like somebody has been doing things, and let's just say, in general terms, I saw none of that in terms of what we collected on A-Rod.”

Rodriguez is currently appealing a 211-game suspension through the 2014 season for allegedly violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy stemming from the Biogenesis case.

In early May 2012, A-Rod and former BALCO client and ex-linebacker Bill Romanowski drove to Conte’s office in the Bay Area to meet with him.

Neither party wanted anyone to know about the meeting because of Conte’s past connection to Barry Bonds, Romanowski and the BALCO scandal that landed its founder in prison.

“I work with many elite athletes that are willing to have forgiveness in their heart for my past and stand up to whatever questions, because the media it seems, with each new athlete I work with, has all sorts of questions, and of course, they ask the athletes, like, 'What’s it like working with someone that has a past like Victor?' " Conte said.

“But it was very clear, as I said in [Sunday's New York Daily News] interview, I flushed this out with Romo in advance of the first couple times he called me, that if it had anything to do with anything on the dark side, that I had no interest in participating whatsoever.”

Conte said he supplied A-Rod with three months' worth of supplements before communication stopped, presumably because of the Biogenesis investigation.