Report: Morneau placed on waivers

The Minnesota Twins have placed first baseman Justin Morneau on waivers, sources told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Other teams have 48 hours to claim Morneau, and the Yankees, who have been active on waiver wire this year, could be in good position to claim the veteran.

The waiver wire works in reverse order, meaning the Yankees, at 60-57, have the seventh-best position to claim him.

Morneau still has $3.67 million due to him as of Tuesday, according to the paper, and will be a free agent this offseason. Morneau, 32, is hitting .262 with 14 homers and 67 RBIs this year, but has a .319 on-base percentage.

The question is, would the Yankees feel Morneau is an upgrade over Lyle Overbay -- and do they believe they need another power bat from the left side? One of the Yankees' problems this year has been a lack of power from the right side, and Morneau wouldn't help with that.

The Yankees could also put in a claim to block the teams ahead of them in the playoff push, such as Cleveland, Kansas City and Tampa Bay. Even if the Yankees do claim Morneau, however, that doesn't mean they'd automatically receive him. The two teams would have to work out a deal, or the Twins would have to let the Yankees take Morneau off their hands for only his salary.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman did not return a call this afternoon seeking comment.

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