First Pitch: Lawyer: We have evidence

BOSTON -- Alex Rodriguez's new lawyer Joe Tacopina says that anyone who doesn't think he has evidence to support what he had said about the Yankees treatment of A-Rod has another thing coming.

"I'm anxious to meet them in court," Tacopina told ESPN New York. "I really am. Randy Levine [says], 'If we continue, all parties will be held accountable.' I'm going to mark his words. I will be more than thrilled to be held accountable for exposing him for what he is and for some of the statements he made. If I say that I have something, I have something. If I say I have emails that are damning, I have emails that are damning. If I say that Dr. Kelly was told something, I have evidence that Dr. Kelly was told something. He'll see who has the last laugh."

The public war between A-Rod and the Yankees reached new levels on Saturday with Tacopina leveling many charges at both the Yankees and Major League Baseball. On Friday, Rodriguez fired a warning shot after denying the 60 Minutes story that alleged he leaked the names of Ryan Braun and Francisco Cervelli to Yahoo Sports.

"We're all going to have to get ready for a bumpy road," Rodriguez said. "It's going to get bigger every day. I would expect bigger and bigger stories to come out every day. We're going to have to deal with it. When I have the right platform at the right time and the time is appropriate -- which is not now -- I will tell my full story."

On Sunday night, A-Rod will again be the center of attention and his story will dominate.

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ON DECK: Probably more A-Rod. Plus, the Yankees will try to take the rubber game of this series with CC Sabathia (10-10, 4.66 ERA) facing Ryan Dempster (6-8, 4.50). The game will be on ESPN, ESPN Radio and Watch ESPN.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Would George Steinbrenner enjoy this showdown with A-Rod?