Big Papi worried Dempster woke up Yanks

NEW YORK -- It is newsworthy that David Ortiz supported Alex Rodriguez and not his own teammate, Ryan Dempster, after Dempster intentionally drilled A-Rod. But the comment that might have been as interesting as Big Papi supporting his buddy, A-Rod, was the one in which he warned that Dempster might have awakened the Yankees.

"You saw how the game ended up," Ortiz told USA Today. "CC Sabathia was throwing 91 (mph) and started throwing 96. Alex later hit one way out there. You're talking about a good team that you can't wake up. But we learn from our mistakes."

Back in 2004, a lot of folks felt like when Jason Varitek shoved A-Rod at Fenway that it sparked the Red Sox. They went on to win 46 of their final 66 and a championship.

Do you think Dempster drilling A-Rod has sparked the Yankees?