First Pitch: SuperNova Saturday

NEW YORK -- In his career, Ivan Nova is 4-2 with a 4.95 ERA in 10 outings against the Orioles. This year, in two starts, he is 1-0 with a 2.45 ERA. However, to continue his success, there are some matchups that Nova will try to avoid in crucial spots.

Ivan Nova

Ivan Nova

#47 SP
New York Yankees

2013 STATS

  • GM17
  • W7

  • L4

  • BB33

  • K92

  • ERA3.14

There likely will be four Orioles in the lineup who have a .333 or better average against Nova.

Matt Wieters: 10-for-23 (.435) with four homers and seven RBIs

Wilson Betemit: 5-for-11 (.455)

Nick Markakis: 11-for-29 (.379)

Chris Davis: 6-for-18 (.333) with two homers and seven RBIs

That will be nearly half the order. It will be those matchups that likely determine if Nova continues to pitch well.

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IN THE HOLE: At 1 p.m, it will be Nova (7-4, 3.14) vs. Scott Feldman (4-3, 4.56)

QUESTION: Do you think Nova could be a legit No. 2 starter next year?