Jeter? Use only in case of emergency

BALTIMORE -- The good news, I suppose, is that Joe Girardi left the door open to the possibility that Derek Jeter, who left Saturday's game with soreness in his twice-broken, surgically-mended left ankle, could see action tonight against in the first game of a crucial four-game series against the Orioles.

The bad news is Girardi said he would only use Jeter in an emergency, and from the sound of it, it would probably have to be a dire emergency at that.

"I might use him in an emergency if I had to use him tonight," Girardi said. "That's kind of the situation we're in. It's not like I have a number of shortstops lying around."

But the reality is that Jeter was being held out of all baseball activity tonight, and while the rest of his team was stretching, warming up and taking BP, Jeter was in the trainer's room, taking treatment.

"We're just going to have him rest it and then we'll see where we're at tomorrow," Girardi said.

Asked if Jeter might play tomorrow night, the manager said, "I don't know. We'll go a day at a time with him. We'll just try to keep him off it from doing a lot of baseball activities; see how it is tomorrow."

Jeter appeared briefly in the pregame clubhouse but did not stop to speak with reporters. "He's OK," Girardi said when asked about his captain's mood while pacing another injury in a season that for him has consisted of just 17 games. "He's anxious to get back there. You know, normal Derek Jeter stuff."