Cashman: No shut down for Jeter

BALTIMORE -- No, no, no, no.

That was Yankees GM Brian Cashman's answer when asked if the team might consider shutting Derek Jeter down for the final 19 games of the season to allow his twice-broken, surgically-repaired and chronically-cranky left ankle the offseason to heal.

"Right now it’s just a day-to-day thing," Cashman said on the field at Camden Yards before tonight's Yankees-Orioles game. "It was a little sore the other day, something he wasn’t really speaking to, but you could see the way he was moving around, so we pulled the plug on it."

According to Cashman, Jeter had been scheduled for a CT scan on the ankle anyway as part of the Yankees' annual end-of-season physicals, so the team moved the test up when it became obvious that Jeter's ankle was still bothering him. Cashman said Dr. Robert Anderson, who performed the surgery on Jeter's ankle last October, still had not seen the latest test. The scan was read in New York over the weekend by Yankee doctors and was deemed negative.

"I doubt we’ll hear anything until tomorrow," Cashman said. "When you do a CT scan I understand it’s like 2,000 images so it’s not like you can transport that via an email file. So I think tomorrow would be the first day to get it out, either today or tomorrow."

But, Cashman said, "We expect it will be the same," meaning he thinks Anderson will find no new injury in Jeter's ankle.

"I just know we don’t want to be in a situation we were in in March where it’s sore and you’re trying to play through soreness and something else happens," Cashman said. "Bottom line is, when he’s feeling better he’ll be moving better."