Rapid Reaction: Jeter's season is over

Derek Jeter is done for the season because of his latest ankle injury.

WHAT IS NEXT: Jeter, 39, played in only 17 games after fracturing his ankle in spring training; injuring a quad; injuring a calf; and now suffering his latest ankle struggles. There is no indication that he will retire. In fact, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman already has said that is not happening.

Jeter is out for the postseason and now will take the winter to try to make himself whole again.

WHY WILL HE BE BETTER NEXT SEASON: Jeter hit just .190, and his explosiveness might have been severely affected by not being able to work his legs all offseason. Remember, after Jeter fractured his ankle and had surgery, he was a captive of St. Jetersburg, his 30,000-plus square foot mansion in Tampa. He had to get around on a non-motorized scooter. He could not work out.

In theory, if his ankle can fully heal, then he could come back stronger. Of course, productive, soon-to-be-40-years-old shortstops are highly uncommon.

WHAT DO THE YANKEES DO NOW: Well, Brendan Ryan is here to play defense. He is the exact opposite of Jeter as a hitter (when Jeter was in his prime), but he is a major upgrade on defense. While Jeter symbolically is a huge loss, he had not contributed yet this season, and the Yankees can overcome the loss.

QUESTION: Do you believe Jeter can come back strong?