Survey: A-Rod is the face of baseball

According to a survey conducted by ESPN, Alex Rodriguez is the face of baseball. Here is Jayson Stark with the details.

Amazingly -- or, then again, maybe not so amazingly -- Alex Rodriguez was the first player named by 22 percent of the 1,028 fans polled by Turnkey when they were asked, with no names and no other info provided: "What MLB player would you define as the 'Face of Baseball' today?"

When A-Rod was taken out of the equation, another Yankee stepped in. Here's Stark again.

To help turn this conversation in a different direction, Turnkey then gave the same group of fans a list of 29 active players -- a list that did NOT include Alex Rodriguez -- and asked them to choose up to three players they would identify as the Face of Baseball today.

The No. 1 name on their list was a fellow A-Rod may have heard of.

In one of the least surprising revelations in this survey, Derek Jeter not only got the most votes, he got nearly as much support (38 percent) as the next two players combined -- Miguel Cabrera (25) and David Ortiz (17).

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