Cano: God's plan for Yanks to make it

Robinson Cano thinks the Yankees will make the playoffs because of Mariano Rivera and a higher calling. From David Lennon's column in Newsday.

As for Robinson Cano, he's putting his faith in a higher power and is confident the Yankees will make it to the postseason.

"We will," Cano told Newsday's Anthony Rieber. "I think God has a plan for Mo."

From where we sit, that plan is shaping up to be a mad scramble during the next dozen games. Because as flawed as the Yankees may be, so is every other team trying to claim one of the two American League wild cards, which currently seem to be as desirable as chickenpox or having Miley Cyrus perform at your kid's birthday party.

Not too long ago, Girardi estimated that it would take 90 wins for the Yankees to squeeze into the playoffs. A fair assumption, considering that baseball's October tournament is supposed to involve the best teams.

But at this rate, Bud Selig would settle for mediocre. Heck, he's probably rooting for Alex Rodriguez to get in for the TV ratings. And after surveying the AL field, Girardi felt inclined to back off his original number, even before Sunday night's loss.

"It might come down from that a little bit," Girardi said, smiling. "Eighty-nine might do it."

Question: Do you believe?