First Pitch: Hughes' final start as a Yankee?

NEW YORK -- If this is how it ends for the Yankees, it might be fitting.

Phil Hughes will be on the mound on Wednesday with a two-inch leash. The moment trouble finds him, Joe Girardi likely will pop out of the dugout and put in David Huff. Girardi won't let this hopeless season end with the ball in Hughes' hand.

When you think about why the Yankees are destined to be on the outside looking in next month, it might begin with Hughes. You can argue about the injuries, but those are just unlucky and unpredictable. You could say that if CC Sabathia were himself, this year would have finished differently. CC sort of made that argument on Tuesday. Still, Sabathia is 33 and was due for a bad year.

That leaves us with Hughes, who has broken the Yankees' dream by not living up to expectations. Why has he done it? Is it a lack of determination? He never added the secondary pitches that are required to be in top half of the rotation. Was he just not good enough? It could be that the hype outdistanced the ability.

One thing is for certain: his style -- a fly-ball pitcher -- isn't fit for Yankee Stadium. That is why he won't be back. He will go somewhere -- probably on the West Coast and maybe in the NL -- and might have some success.

He is never going to be a big-time pitcher in the Bronx. The Yankees just want one more good start, so they can keep their slimmest of slim hopes alive.

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