Rapid Reaction: Yankees 2, Astros 1

HOUSTON -- Andy Pettitte goes out in style, pitching a complete game, 20 minutes from his home in Deer Park, Texas.

WHAT IT MEANS: No. 46 will never pitch again in the majors.

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NUNEZ BEING NUNEZ: In the sixth, the always entertaining Eduardo Nunez was nearly hit by a pitch and in his haste to get out of the way he nearly did a complete handstand. Nunez then almost rapped a home run around the left-field foul poll, but it hooked too much. Finally, Nunez hit a sharp single.

CANO COMES THROUGH: With runners on the corners, Robinson Cano nailed a hard single to right to tie the game at 1-1 in the sixth.

STOPPING THE CLOCK: Still in the sixth, with the bases loaded, Astros catcher Matt Pagnozzi started to try to pick off Cano at second. But he stopped midway and he threw the ball straight into the ground. He looked like a quarterback aggressively spiking the ball into the turf. The ball drifted away and off the wall. Pagnozzi tried to recover and flip to reliever Chia-Jen Lo. Nunez -- who, of course was involved, was ruled safe at home, just beating the flip to Lo. The run gave Pettitte the lead.

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