Game 95: Royals @ Yankees

11:07: Gordon strikes out to end the longest 2 hour, 33 minute game in history. Yanks, 7-1, A-Rod still looking for 600

11:06: Betemit grounds out to first and we're one out from glory

11:03: Guillen strikes out for the first out

11:02: I'm only going to spell this once: Jonathan Albaladejo on to pitch the ninth for the Yankees

10:59: Mother Nature betrays A-Rod again as his bat snaps in half on the first pitch and he rolls out to third

10:58: Tex pulls a walk and it';s time for Alex Goes for 600, Take 5

10:57: Jeter raps into a 463 and it's up to Tex to get A-Rod one more shot

10:54: Ned Yost goes to the pen; Hughes out, RHP Kanekoa Texeira, no relation to Mark, now pitching for the Royals

10:53: Gardner walks and he's getting closer . . .

10:49: Curtis singles to lead off the eighth and we're one batter closer to A-Rod, Take 5

10:46: Butler hits into inning-ending DP; A-Rod needs two hits this inning to get one more at-bat

10:44: With one out, Kendall singles to center and Royals have first and third

10:41: now Betancourt doubles to right-center and the Royals are on the board. 7-1 Yanks

10:40: Ankiel leads off the eighth with a double that just misses being a HR off the left-centerfield fence

10:33: Make that 1,001 RBI for Posada, who singles in Teixeira with the Yankees 7th run of the game

10:27: A-Rod lines a "disappointing'' single to left and Yanks have two on, none out. That's it for Marte, in comes LHP Dusty Hughes

10:25: Tex walks and it's time for Alex Goes for 600, Take 4

10:20: Royals hit three rockets off Gaudin but go down in order in the seventh. A-Rod coming up!!!

10:14: Jeter grounds out and we will have our next A-Rod viewing in the bottom of the seventh inning, second batter. Prepare accordingly

10:12: Gardner singles to left, scoring two more, it's 6-0 Yanks

10:11: Crowd announced as 46,801, but looks like a lot of people split during the rain delay

10:10: Curtis Ks for the second out, Gardner coming up

10:07: Cervelli bunts the runners to second and third

10:06: Granderson's grounder dibbles through second baseman Aviles, first and second none out

10:05: Posada, the only Yankee to reach a milestone tonight, draws a leadoff walk

10:00: Guillen fouls to Cervelli to end the inning. No A-Rod coming up in the sixth unless Yankes have a huge inning

9:59: Gaudin allows a two-out single to Billy Butler

9:52: Cano flies to center and Gaudin coming on to pitch for the Yankees in the sixth

9:50: Cano stepping back into the box after a delay of 1:25

9:40: Game will resume at 9:50 with RHP Victor Marte pitching to Robinson Cano with two out and a 1-0 count in the bottom of the fifth, Yankees leading 4-0. Chad Gaudin will take over the pitching for the Yankees

9:22: Five guys with giant squeegees are pushing water off the field in shallow right. we've still got a ways to go before this field is playable

9:10: And the tarp is coming off, after approximately 44 minutes. No scheduled re-start time yet

8:56: Rain has let up, although what looks like the Pacific Ocean is just behind the infield dirt in left, and the Atlantic is in right

8:26: And the rains have arrived. The umps have stopped the game and the infield is being covered

8:26: A-Rod down looking. Do you think he's pressing?

8:24: Tex strikes out and here comes A-Rod for his third attempt of the night

8:15: Gardner Ks, Jeter flies out. A-Rod will bat second in the fifth

8:12: One out, bottom of fourth, Curtis singles to center, goes to seocnd on passed ball.

8:07: Tex snags Gordon's hot shot and starts 3-6 (tag play) DP to end the fourth

8:04: Betemit stings AJ's fastball up the middle for his second hit of the night with one out in the fourth

8:00: After Posada pops out, Cano gets picked off first and Granderson lines out to right

7:58: Cano's second hit of the night, a single to center, send A-Rod to third

7:57: OK, stop. No 600 yet, merely an infield hit to third

7:56: Hit record. A-Rod's up.

7:54: Burnett strikes out Butler to escape the jam

7:52: Stop me if you;ve heard this before: Burnett gets two quick outs, then gives up a single and walk in the third.

7:44: set your DVRs, your VCRs, your TiVOs and whatever else you got--A-Rod will lead off the Yankees third

7:36: A-Rod bobbles Aviles' grounder to third, recovers to make the play ending the inning. and the clubhouse doors can relax for an inning

7:33: Betemit doubles to centr, and the clubhouse doors are trembling

7:26: Posada reaches the first milestone of the night, his 1000th RBI with a double to right, 4-0 Yankees

7:24: Cano clears the bases with a double into the LC ga, 3-0 Yankees, still only one out

7:23: By the way, there's a ton of empty seats here for what could be a histric night

7:22: A-Rod takes his No. 600 hack at a 3-1 pitch but misses, then walks to load the bases for Cano

7:20: After Tex is hit by a pitch, Stadium goes electric for A-Rod's first AB

7:17:Gardner leads off with a shot into the RF corner for a double, gets to thirds when RF Alex Gordon boots the ball

7:12:Jason Kendall singles under a diving A-Rod's glove, but Butler raps into 463 DP

7:08: Burnett's first pitch is a ball to scott Podsednik. Very humid 86 degrees at game time

Pre-game chatter: Nick Swisher, originally in the starting lineup in his customary 2-hole and playing RF, was scratched about 90 minutes before the game with soreness in his left Achilles tendon. In his place, Colin Curtis plays right and bats ninth, Derek Jeter moves down to second in the order and Brett Gardner becomes the leadoff hitter. . . Royals announced CF David DeJesus will undergo season-ending surgery on a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right wrist suffered when he crashed into the fence trying to catch Jeter's fly, which went for an inside-the-park home run . . . .Royals also anounced RHP Sean O'Sullivan, who shut the Yankees down on Tuesday as a member of the L.A. Angels, would start Sunday in the series finale. The Royals acquired O'Sullivan Thursday in a trade for 3b Alberto Callaspo.

Here are the lineups for tonight's game, first pitch at 7:05 p.m.


Podsednik LF

Kendall C

Butler 1B

Guillen DH

Betemit 3B

Gordon RF

Aviles 2B

Ankiel CF

Betancourt SS

Bannister RHP


Gardner LF

Jeter SS

Teixeira 1B

Rodriguez 3B

Cano 2B

Posada DH

Granderson CF

Cervelli C

Curtis RF

Burnett RHP