Statement from A-Rod, responding to MLB

Here's the latest in the war of press releases:

"Mr. Rodriguez's financial damages lawsuit against Commissioner Selig and Major League Baseball in no way violates the confidentiality provisions of the Joint Drug Agreement. That accusation is preposterous -- and uniquely so coming from MLB, when many of the bases for the complaint filed by Mr. Rodriguez last night arise from MLB’s willful and persistent violations of those very confidentiality provisions over the past six months, and beyond.

"As for the Collective Bargaining Agreement’s discipline appeal process, Mr. Rodriguez respects the process. He has personally attended and participated in every minute of the arbitration proceeding that began on Monday, has continued every day this week, and will continue hereafter. Mr. Rodriguez has been a Major League Baseball Players Association member for nearly two decades, and he is appalled by the levels to which his league has stooped, as demonstrated in the complaint filed last night. Mr. Rodriguez eagerly awaits the day when all of this legal jostling is finished, and he can share his story with the public and his supporters. Until then, he will continue to respect the confidentiality requirements imposed upon all through this process, while his legal team continues to do what is necessary to vindicate him."