Rapid Reaction: Girardi signs four-year deal

Joe Girardi has signed a new four-year contract that will make him the Yankees' manager through 2017. A source told ESPN New York the deal is worth $16 million plus postseason incentives, which makes Girardi the second-highest paid manager in the game after Mike Scioscia.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Yankees probably went one more year than they would have liked. However, with the Chicago Cubs giving Girardi a good amount of leverage, as well as his threat to take a hiatus and go back into broadcasting, they had little choice. Girardi, 48, earned it. Despite not making the playoffs, he probably had his best year as a manager in 2013.

TRANSITION MANAGER: If Girardi lasts the full term of the contract, he will be the Yankees' manager for 10 years. It will likely mean he will have guided the franchise from the end of the Core Four era into whatever awaits the Yankees in the post-dynasty years. The only player signed through 2017 is none other than Alex Rodriguez. CC Sabathia has an option based on health that could extend his contract into 2017.

GOING BY THE BINDER: Judging by what Girardi said at the end of the season, his decision to stay should not be surprising. He stated that his wife and three children would all have equal say in his decision. He said they were all happy living in Westchester, making the chance of uprooting them seem remote. He downplayed the thought of going to Chicago, mentioning that he didn't have as close a tie to that area as he did a decade ago. Finally, he mentioned that the financials would not have a big say in his decision. It is hard to believe that money didn't factor into his decision, but if he wanted every last dollar, he could have waited until Oct. 31 and spoke to the Cubs and other teams to drive up the price.

Girardi wanted a deal done quickly -- as did owner Hal Steinbrenner -- and now the Yankees, in a time of transition, will have their manager in place for the next four seasons.