Joba to Tampa?

On this overcast Wednesday, let's empty out some notes.

1. TAMPA RULES? He is a reliever who at one point had a lot of success. He then struggled, which has likely relegated his free agency to "afterthought guy" status. But he still can throw in the mid-90s.

"He is the the type of guy Tampa signs and then he becomes good again," a scout told ESPN New York.

He -- as the headline gives away -- is Joba Chamberlain. Chamberlain will always be a part of Yankees lore, from his amazing debut in 2007 to what could have or should have been after. Now, he is expected to flee the Bronx and, at 28, look to have a second act someplace else.

From Fernando Rodney to Kyle Farnsworth to many others, the Rays have done it before. So maybe Joba stays in the AL East -- and does well.

2. HARSH SIGNS: Whatever you think of the Alex Rodriguez case, I think most of you will agree the signs from the group supporting him are a bit harsh. Mike Mazzeo detailed some of them here and tweeted about another.

Even if you think A-Rod is getting a raw deal, that Selig sign is more than a little much and I don't see how it helps A-Rod's cause. For the record, A-Rod and the people close to him say they have nothing do with the demonstrations.

You can follow Mazzeo on Twitter here, as he reports on the circus.