Insider: $300M to fix the Yanks? Not enough

Can't buy me glove? Mo money, even mo problems? Are the 2014 Yanks doomed? Noel Celis/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Andrew Marchand wrote about the Yankees' planned $300 million spending spree this offseason in an effort to rebound from their subpar 2013 season.

Today, Mike Petriello's Insider piece details why he thinks $300 million isn't going to get it done:

So sure, the Yankees could gamble on Japanese import Masahiro Tanaka to join the rotation, or add the aging (yet still productive) Carlos Beltran to the outfield, or make a risky bet on catcher Brian McCann -- or even all three. To do so would add something in the neighborhood of $45 million in salary (Tanaka's posting fee would not count against the luxury tax), and would basically max out the remaining available payroll. It also leaves them perhaps two pitchers short of a rotation (depending on what free agent Kuroda does), light in the bullpen and without any sort of adequate backup plans for the multitude of risks Teixeira, Jeter and Rodriguez offer in the infield.

For this plan to work, the team would need an influx of talent from the minors to make an immediate impact, but the Yankees don't have the kind of prospects on the horizon who can be expected to make a difference in 2014.

The Yankees can improve their team this winter, and they can also stay under the cap limit. It's just going to be very hard to do both, and unless Sabathia, Teixeira and Jeter suddenly look like they did five years ago, the Yankees might not be able to spend their way out of this hole any time soon.

Read the rest of it (if you're an Insider subscriber) and let us know what you think.

Is $300 million enough to turn the Yankees around -- or have they dug themselves so deep a hole they won't get out of it for years?

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