Thirteen Yankees will be FAs as of Tuesday

NEW YORK -- The Major League Baseball Players Association released its official list of players who will be free to declare free-agency as of Nov. 5, and of the 147 players on the list, 13 are Yankees:

Robinson Cano, Joba Chamberlain, Curtis Granderson, Travis Hafner, Phil Hughes, Hiroki Kuroda, Boone Logan, Lyle Overbay, Andy Pettitte, Mark Reynolds, Mariano Rivera, Brendan Ryan and Kevin Youkilis.

The MLBPA mistakenly included Pedro Feliciano's name on the list of Yankees free agents, possibly in memory of his two-year Yankees career, during which he collected $8 million without ever throwing a pitch.

Pettitte and Rivera are retiring. The Yankees are likely to extend qualifying offers to Cano, Granderson and Kuroda. The rest are free to test the market, and it is possible one or two, such as Ryan or Reynolds, could return as backup players in 2014.