Is McCann the next Posada?

The Yankees have placed catcher Brian McCann high on their priority list. We have advised Hal Steinbrenner to spend his money on McCann. More than 10,000 of you voted in our SportsNation Poll and 80 percent of you want McCann.

Sweet Spot colleague Dave Schoenfield, as part of his half-empty/half-full feature, explains what McCann could mean at Yankee Stadium. McCann, who turns 30 in February, could progress like none other than Jorge Posada.

Posada is a pretty close match for McCann's skill set; he walked more but was the same .275-ish hitter with 20 to 25 home runs. Posada lasted until he was 39 and from 31 to 35 hit .287/.392/.494 (with one fluke .338 season in there) while averaging 23 home runs per season. That was worth 4.6 WAR per season. While McCann won't match Posada's on-base percentage, he should still be a valuable offensive contributor.

Schoenfield doesn't just see unicorns and rainbows when he looks at McCann's future. He makes a pretty compelling case why McCann is risky, as well.

The lure of a left-handed-hitting catcher is tempting, but in McCann's case, he's hardly a perfect package. Factor in his mediocre arm, poor speed, wear on his body and hitting skills that may be deteriorating other than his power and he's not a good bet to maintain his value for more than a few years. A five- or six-year deal seems pretty risky.

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