The Compleat Cashman

The final day of the GM meetings is traditionally one of quick getaways and brief conversations, but really, this one may have set a new record for both brevity and non-information.

Herewith, in its entirety and without commercial interruption, is the full transcript of all 44 seconds of GM Brian Cashman's "interview session" with Yankees beat writers in Orlando this afternoon:

Q: “Have you laid the groundwork for something to come?"

A: “Unfortunately, I guess. I mean, as little as I have to report right now, it’s a necessary evil to walk through this process in the front end, so ... [muttering unintelligibly]."

Q: “Cash, this [Masahiro] Tanaka thing has kinda dragged out longer than the posting usually does, I mean usually by now ... "

A: “I can’t speak to him."

Q: “Well, I was gonna say, the fact that it has taken a long time, do you think it affects, you know, the market for players ... "

A: “Again, I can’t speak to the posting system or him. It’s an MLB issue, so ... sorry, I got nothing for you. Let me go pack."

Pack what? It sounds like Cashman was leaving pretty much empty-handed.