Source: A-Rod Arbitration hearing is over

The Alex Rodriguez arbitration hearing has concluded, a source with knowledge of the private proceedings told ESPN New York. The arbitrator Fredric Horowitz will now decide if Rodriguez's 211-game for violating the CBA and Joint Drug Agreement will stand.

While it was expected that a decision would come 25 days after the end of the hearing, a source said that Horowitz's verdict may not be known until early January.

Since A-Rod has made it apparent that he will challenge any ruling against him in federal court, this updated information doesn't really impact the Yankees offseason. Even if Horowitz decides A-Rod should be held out of the entire 2014 season, the Yankees still won't be able to utilize the $33 million they need to budget, because A-Rod is going to seek an injunction. Thus, they won't shell out that money until they are totally certain it will not end up hurting their goal of being under $189 million for the entire season to take advantage of the luxury tax and revenue sharing savings.

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