Mets video: Amazin' or ho ho horrible?

The Mets released a holiday-themed music video (embedded below), which got two of our senior editors riled up. Watch it, read their email exchange and weigh in!

Matt Marrone: The Mets' holiday card tells you everything you need to know about New York's No. 2 team. If an out-of-towner asked me why I root for the Yankees instead of the Mets, I'd send them this video. I'm assuming it would be the same for you, just vice versa.

Jon Scher: Come on, admit it, you're still bitter over last season's sweep. Baseball players who can't carry a tune but gamely keep trying -- what could be sweeter and more charming than that? Oh, I know: Mr. and Mrs. Met, and they're in there too!

MM: You're making my point for me. Baseball players who can't play a lick but gamely keep trying -- that's basically the dictionary definition of the New York Mets. For you, that's charming. For me, it's baffling that people like you even exist.

JS: Lighten up! Where's your holiday spirit? Justin Turner may not have any rhythm and Travis d'Arnaud looks like he's being held hostage, but they're willing to go along with the gag. It's got charm, sort of the way Yankee Stadium did before it became a mall.

MM: Bah humbug. I can't help it that my team has become a symbol of all that is wrong with corporate greed. And I'm not saying I'd necessarily prefer the Yankees' version -- which probably would have a Hollywood budget and feature Jay Z and Tony Bennett -- but at least I wouldn't have to watch it through my fingers like a Ricky Gervais sketch.

JS: Sort of how the Yankees watched Dillon Gee's fastball, you mean? I'll admit it's typical of the Mets to do something cute and low-budget without heed to the end product, but it's entertaining -- which is more than you can say about any Yankee who's not facing a 211-game suspension. Would Derek Jeter be man enough to sing the words "wintry fairy land?" Case closed.

MM: Listen, it's not as if the Mets have cornered the market on kitschy holiday cheer. Look no further than Brian Cashman rappelling down the side of a building dressed as an elf. Man enough? The dude broke his leg skydiving with the Army. But we both know the holidays are all about giving. And so far, the Yankees have given their fans Brian McCann and may soon add deals for Carlos Beltran, Masahiro Tanaka and Robinson Cano. The Mets? They’ve given their fans an outfielder who hit .200 last year -- and this video.

JS: Priceless. OK, so we've established that one lighthearted Mets fan likes the off-key card and one bitter Yankees fan hates it. Let's post this frivolous exchange to both baseball blogs, and let the people decide. Vote in the poll or use the comments section below. And remember: Just 78 days to pitchers and catchers.