A-Rod in NY Mag: Food for thought

NEW YORK -- Alex Rodriguez is the cover boy of this week's New York Magazine and the subject of a lengthy piece that recaps the Biogenesis case and will get you up to speed if you haven't been paying attention. A-Rod apparently opened up a bit to the writer, who also tracked down some of the sordid characters in this squalid little drama, notably Gary Jones, the ex-con who has made a $350,000 score selling evidence to both sides in the argument between A-Rod and MLB according NY Mag. (The piece also reprints Brian Cashman's famous "STFU!" comment to A-Rod without crediting ESPNNewYork.com's Andrew Marchand, who reported it exclusively right here.)

The most interesting part for me was a recounting of some BlackBerry exchanges between A-Rod and Anthony Bosch that were introduced into evidence by MLB. Apparently, the two discussed "food" in several of them, which Bosch testified was a code word for human growth hormone and testosterone. A-Rod's position, of course, is that "food" means, you know, food.

Now, it is up to arbitrator Fredric Horowitz to decide exactly what Bosch was cooking up for A-Rod and how many games it is worth. That decision isn't expected to come down before early to mid-January.