Cashman: Reynolds in play

Mark Reynolds is still an option for the Yankees this offseason. Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- We had our first state of the winter meetings address from Brian Cashman on Tuesday. Let's go over some of the things he said and what they mean.

Protection at third: Cashman has Kelly Johnson in the fold and feels he could play second or third. He would like to have a right-handed platoon and said Mark Reynolds is a possibility.

"We had a lot of hard 'triers' last year," Cashman said. "We need to improve on the results."

Reynolds has a career .834 OPS against lefties, while Johnson is a .759 OPS guy against righties. Johnson is a little better (.770) against lefties, but in nearly one-third of the at-bats.

No. 6 to be retired: Joe Torre made the Hall of Fame on Monday. On Tuesday, Cashman said Torre's No. 6 will be retired.

"We haven't given it out for a reason," he said. "It has been tucked away for quite some time. At some point, that will happen, no doubt about it."

Show me the money: Cashman said he would have taken the money, just like Robinson Cano did. Here is my news story.

A good offense is a good defense: Cashman said he wants to get back to being a high-scoring offense.

"I'm trying to get our offense to where we are used to having it," Cashman said. "The top two or three offenses in the game. We need more work."

The Yankees were 16th in runs scored in the majors last season.

Cashman thinks they will be better at first (Mark Teixeira), the outfield (Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, pending all the fine details to work out) and catcher (Brian McCann).

Cashman said he doesn't know who will play second or third yet.

"It is still going to be a question mark at shortstop, even though we know who the player is," Cashman said in reference to Derek Jeter.

Gardner talks: Cashman said he is listening on trade proposals for Brett Gardner, but he is not alone.

"That boomerang came around quick," Cashman said. "Everybody's made phone calls on Gardy. We have an obligation to hear what anybody's interest happens to be, but we are not shopping him."

Cashman said teams are calling about Ivan Nova, Gary Sanchez and J.R. Murphy. Nova is the only one of three definite starters on the Yankees' roster right now, so it seems hard to move him. Sanchez and Murphy are both catchers that the Yankees like but could be used to sweeten the right deal.

Jacoby in left? I doubt it, but Cashman said that he and Joe Girardi haven't decided who would play center if Gardner remains. I would think it would be Ellsbury in center.

On $189M: It is evident that unless Alex Rodriguez's suspension is upheld, the Yankees are not going under $189 million. Cashman said to "go to the archives" and check Hal Steinbrenner's comments, implying that $189 million has only been a goal, not a mandate.

Pineda & Banuelos: Michael Pineda is "healthy," but Cashman doesn't know what they will see. Manny Banuelos, coming off Tommy John surgery, is slated for Triple-A.

Pineda will compete for the No. 5 spot in spring, while Banuelos, at best, could be up late in 2013. He is more likely a 2015 starting candidate. Banuelos turns just 23 in March.