Cano: Seattle feels like home

NEW YORK -- As well it should, since, barring unforeseen circumstances, Robinson Cano and the Seattle Mariners will be together until 2023.

At the news conference to introduce Cano -- and his Yankee-prohibited muttonchops -- to the Seattle media, the former Bronx Bomber expressed his affection for the city of Seattle and the Mariners ownership, which he said, "showed me love. They showed me they wanted me from Day 1."

Cynics might say Cano is confusing love with money, but no matter. The Mariners' 10-year, $240 million offer blew the Yankees' seven years, $170 million out of the water and pretty much left the five-time All-Star second baseman no real choice but to take it.

So while Cano admitted he was "surprised" to be leaving the Yankees, it should come as no surprise that the newest Mariner had nothing but good things to say about his new team and city.

"Seattle is a great city," Cano said. "I was always excited to come here."

Cano also said he believed his signing was the first step in a process that will return the Mariners to the status they enjoyed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when they went to the ALCS three times in seven years and won 116 games in 2001. "This is not just about 2014," he said. "I think this organization is going to build a great team here."

Cano did not directly address the Yankees or the negotiating process that brought him across the country but did say he thought the Mariners offer was "the best thing for me and my family."

"I feel like I belong here, the way I've been treated by ownership and the fans," Cano said during the brief -- by New York media standards -- press conference. "Besides the Dominican, this is going to be my second home."

Cano will not have to wait long to return to his old "second home." The Mariners come to Yankee Stadium on April 29 for a three-game series.

QUESTION: What kind of welcome will you give Robbie Cano when he returns to the Bronx as a Mariner?