What's the holdup with Beltran?

NEW YORK -- It has been 12 days now since it was reported the Yankees had come to terms with Carlos Beltran on a three-year, $45 million contract. Twelve days since Mrs. Beltran tweeted, joyously:

And eight days since Beltran himself sent out this tweet:

And yet, here we are, on Dec. 18, and the deal is not officially done.

I called GM Brian Cashman this morning to ask what was up and was somewhat surprised by his response: "There are terms to do, physicals to take, items to be worked out when you do a contract ... There's no scoop here. Nothing's falling apart. I don't have time to deal with stupid questions like this."

Funny, I never implied, or thought, that anything was "falling apart," just was looking for a heads up as to when the next rollout news conference might be. If that was a stupid question, I plead guilty. But the GM's response seemed just a tad, well, over the top. Seems as if it would have been just as easy to say, "No biggie, we're just working out some details but it's going to get done."

That would have settled the matter. The way he responded only unsettled it, at least in my mind.

For the moment, let's take Cashman at his word, that the delay in announcing the Beltran signing is perfectly routine.

But if, just if, the deal winds up "falling apart" -- his words, not mine -- this conversation will have turned out to be prophetic.