The A-Rod Watch continues ...

So you probably want to know when the final decision on Alex Rodriguez's 211-game suspension is going to come down? Join the club.

I spent the morning communicating with a few people with knowledge of the proceedings and everyone is playing the same waiting game. A decision on whether A-Rod's 211-game suspension will be upheld, reduced or completely overturned could come at any moment.

It could come later today. It could happen tomorrow. When it likely won't happen is early or in the middle of next week because the new inductees into Baseball's Hall of Fame will be announced Wednesday. Baseball does not want the A-Rod decision to overshadow Cooperstown. So maybe next Friday.

If not by Friday the 10th, then you would probably expect it the week of the 13th. Of course, that will likely not be the end of it because if A-Rod gets 100-150 games or more, he is expected to take it to Federal Court to try to get an injunction and a complete reversal of the decision.

Most law experts, citing the court's aversion to messing with collective bargaining agreements, think this wouldn't have much of a chance. Still, this case likely won't be over ... even when it's over.