A-Rod won't take no for an answer

You may have heard talk on Thursday about Alex Rodriguez's lawyers preparing to obtain an injunction against the implementation of Fredric Horowitz's decision -- provided the arbitrator upholds all, or even part of the 211-game suspension levied by baseball against A-Rod back in August for his alleged involvement in the Biogenesis scandal.

To recap: Back on Nov. 20, we mentioned the likelihood of a battle in federal court to block the suspension. A day later, we had the following paragraph -- "Already, Rodriguez's legal team, led by Joseph Tacopina, is planning its next move -- obtaining an injunction to prevent a suspension from being implemented. Yet despite Rodriguez's optimism, his lawyers seem resigned to the reality that Horowitz will mete out some form of punishment." -- in a story quoting A-Rod saying his lawyers "crushed it" in their case before Horowitz.

And on Nov. 24, we had this: "Even if Horowitz decides A-Rod should be held out of the entire 2014 season, the Yankees still won't be able to utilize the $33 million they need to budget, because A-Rod is going to seek an injunction."

Insiders expect Horowitz's decision to come sometime between this Friday -- it is unlikely he would disrupt today's activities, as baseball trots out its three newly-elected Hall of Famers, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas, in a gala news conference at the Waldorf -- and next Friday.

And shortly thereafter, A-Rod's lawyers will go to court seeking to overturn, or at least delay, any punishment Horowitz tries to give him.

Alex Rodriguez has never taken no for an answer. Why should he start now?