Hal on ignoring Jeter's call: My bad

TAMPA, Fla. -- Derek Jeter wanted to give Hal Steinbrenner one day's notice about his next Facebook status update, but the owner didn't pick up the shortstop's initial call about his retirement decision.

"I didn't recognize the area code," Steinbrenner said after Jeter's press conference Wednesday. "I didn't check the voicemail until the next day. It said Florida, and it was some crazy area code. My bad. Usually somebody texts me, and that's what he did the next day. He texted me and I called him right away."

Steinbrenner was surprised.

"I figured he was calling to talk about the team and what improvements we needed to make still," Steinbrenner said.

When they spoke the morning of the Facebook announcement, Jeter told Steinbrenner about his plans and the owner gave them his blessing.

Like everyone else, after two decades, it is hard to imagine No. 2 not being in on the field for the Yankees.

"Look, it's a strange thought to think about the New York Yankees without Derek in the lineup, right?" Steinbrenner said. "But it's not over yet. It's not the end. It's a long season, it's going to be a good one and while it's strange to think about that, it's really -- as he said -- not the time to be thinking about that. Lot of work to be done still."